We improve signal detection in clinical trials

Solutions for Sponsors & Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

We help sponsors and CROs reduce variability and bias in clinical trials.

Virgil Platform

Use our eSource platform to maximize data quality, produce standardized assessments and improve signal detection. 

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Central Ratings

Maximize study power and minimize variability by using MedAvante’s expert raters to conduct remote, live assessments. 

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Central Review

Review study data, flag potential discrepancies and assure quality with our global cohort of expert, calibrated raters.

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Rater Qualification & Training

Ensure standardized, accurate study results with training and qualification by our team of clinical experts.

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Solutions for Sites

Data capture happens at the site level. That’s why we developed Virgil with input from hundreds of raters, site coordinators, and PIs.

Virgil Tablet

Reduce site burden, obtain platform-integrated clinical guidance, and streamline upload and administration for study raters and coordinators.

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Virgil Portal

Use our secure, web-based portal to centralize queries and gain easy access to data for analysis by PIs.

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Rater Qualification & Training

Engage with MedAvante’s training modules to ensure standardized assessments based on clinical best practices.

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What we believe

We believe data will unlock new, more effective treatments and enhance the lives of patients and those who care for them.

Our goal is to help bring better drug therapies to market through smarter, faster clinical trials.

Why MedAvante?

MedAvante’s proven clinical expertise ensures our platform and services are the most reliable solutions for signal detection. Our continuing clinical innovations enable us to facilitate smarter, faster clinical trials.

In 2002 MedAvante set out to solve one of Pharma’s most intractable problems: the bias and variability that cause failed or inconclusive trials for Central Nervous System (CNS) therapies.
In 2005 we pioneered Central Ratings to standardize outcome assessments, thereby reducing bias and variability and significantly increasing signal detection.
In 2009 we introduced Central Review and our groundbreaking Virgil eSource solution. Virgil leverages our in-house rater network and expertise to provide integral clinical guidance to raters.

MedAvante has a history of proven innovation – first with Central Ratings and Review, and now with our best-in-class eSource platform.

Today: our study platform Virgil and our suite of clinical services continue to improve signal detection and prevent inconclusive trial results.

Virgil provides sites, sponsors and CROs with the tools, data-driven insights and guidance they need to operate more easily and efficiently.

Virgil has been shown to reduce error by at least 80% compared to paper.

Virgil captures and secures the highest-quality study data to help sponsors achieve more conclusive clinical trials.

Why Virgil?

Virgil was created by clinicians, for clinicians. Virgil addresses the real needs of raters and coordinators, and reduces process complexity and administrative burden for sites.

Virgil enables eSource assessments including:

• Clinician Reported Outcomes (eClinRO)

• Observer-Reported Outcomes (eObsRO)

• Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO)

Explore the Virgil Platform

Virgil is reliable. MedAvante has not lost a single data element in more than eight years of use and over three and a half million pages of data.

Virgil amplifies the power of MedAvante’s key risk-reduction services by digitally delivering Central Ratings and Review. It eliminates paper through direct data capture, and increases sponsors’ strategic options by enabling smart trials with real-time analytics.

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"The Virgil software and tablet is pretty amazing. It’s the most user/site friendly we have used for clinical trials and we have used several. The software mimics writing on paper extremely well, and we appreciate that there wasn’t any skimping in the processor speed. The MedAvante Virgil tablet has gained some big fans at our site."

— Principal Investigator, USA

"The industry is hungry for innovation. And they’re hungry for innovation because the current models are struggling."

— Senior executive, large pharma

"Our team finds the tablets operating on the Virgil system very user-friendly…very easy to get used to and really straightforward to work with. It is fast and properly responsive to our inputs; stylus use is similar to using a normal pen and paper set-up. All in all, the Virgil system is our favourite system to work with!"

— Principal Investigator, EU

"Losing patient data can be tragic. I look very carefully at data loss rates because I want them to be 0.01% or 0%. The loss rates are a way that I differentiate one provider from another."

— Senior executive, biotech

Our approach

We design with a clinician’s brain and a startup’s heart. Created by clinicians for clinicians, Virgil provides built-in clinical guidance to help standardize assessments and increase the quality of trial results.

How we help

We provide clinicians and researchers with the tools, data-driven insights, and guidance they need to get their work done more easily and efficiently.

Our services, technologies, and clinical guidance help bring drug therapies to market with smarter, faster, more adaptive clinical trials.

Over three and a half million pages of data capture without the loss of a single data element.
MedAvante: smarter, faster clinical trials.

6000+ hours of R&D

2M+ pages

MedAvante, for clinicians by clinicians.

How we help

We provide clinicians and researchers the tools, data-driven insights and guidance they need to get their work done more easily and efficiently.

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Since 2005

MedAvante, for clinicians by clinicians